Chimney & Masonry Repairs

Does your fireplace produce excessive smoke, have visible cracks, water leaks, or draft problems? At Potomac Services, we pride ourselves on our repair work. Our expert team specializes in restoring and enhancing the structural integrity of your chimney through meticulous masonry repairs.

Structural Integrity is paramount in chimney maintenance. Repairing damaged masonry not only preserves the aesthetic appeal but also ensures the stability and safety of your chimney, guarding against potential collapse or instability.

  • Full and partial chimney rebuilds
  • Crown repair replacement
  • Flashing repair/replacement
  • Chimney liner installation/replacement
  • Flue liner replacement
  • Damper repair/replacement
  • Firebox repair/replacement
  • Chimney caps
  • Interior damage repairs
  • Water sealing/repellant application

“ Absolutely well impressed with their services! They handled everything from the scheduling and added on paint service request and sweep in a greatly efficient and customer oriented manner. Will certainly share their recommendation in my neighborhood Facebook group, it is hard to find a reputable, honest and professional chimney maintenance service! ”

Silvia Taylor

“ Team was on time and very thorough. Provided a detailed explanation on the condition of our chimney, the differences in today’s building codes versus those at the time of construction, and what it will take to bring our chimney back to safe operating state. Very pleased with our experience. ”

Alex Kantsios

“ Beautiful work and fabulous customer service. Carlos A. and his teammate made us feel like we could ask any question and showed us each step of their work. They replaced the crown and cap of our fireplace and scoped to make sure we can use it this winter. Very happy. ”

Carly Smith

“ Alex and Herman did an absolutely incredible job. They arrived promptly, answered my questions, and were able to give me a reasonable quote on the spot for work needed with my fireplace. I would definitely refer them to anyone I know. 5/5 star review! ”

Arthur Jicha

“ Amazing working with the entire team, from the initial inspection, to working us through our claim, to the finished product. Will use Potomac Services for any other chimney needs and would recommend highly to anyone in the area. ”

Will Dayton

Chimney Repair Terminology

Restoring the top structure to protect against water intrusion and weather damage, addressing cracks, reinforcing the crown, and applying waterproof sealant to prevent future issues.

Repairing mortar joints by removing deteriorated mortar and replacing it with new, structurally sound mortar.

Similar to tuckpointing, this process focuses on renewing the outer layer of mortar joints to enhance durability and appearance.